Smash Ask Volunteered

azulscorpion did this ask voluntarily because everyone is apparently a closeted smash fan or are just to immersed in porn on tumblr to care about anything else. So…here we go.

1: Favorite Smash game?

Brawl - (insane fun)

2: Main in 64?


3: Main in Melee?


4: Main in Brawl?

Falco, Ike

5: Probable main in Sm4sh?

Too early to say…But I wanted to give mega man a try since I’m such a mega man fan. But I love my falco and I’m sticking with him.

But other new characters, I want to try Lucina or Palutena

6: Favorite pro player?


7: Favorite commentator?

All the ones at evo except the guy who pronounces DEDEDE as “DAYDAYDAY”.

8: Favorite all time stage?

Saffron City

9: Favorite unlockable?

New characters

10: Favorite taunt?

Falco: “Piece of Cake”.

11: If you could have any character as a new-comer in Sm4sh, who/what and why?

Wonder-Red. He has a lot of potential.

12: Favorite assist trophy in any game?

Knuckle Joe

13: Favorite trophy in any game?

Landmaster SSBB. Looks Nice,

14: If you could have any stage in Sm4sh, where and why?

A hi=def version of Saffron City. With new pokemon that come out the little box in the center of the stage.

15: Do you tag with anyone? If so, with whom and what is your duo?


16: If you tag, do you have a name for your duo? If so, what is it?


17: Favorite item of any game?

Smart Bomb

18: Favorite Final Smash?


19: Least favorite character?


20: Least favorite Final Smash?


21: Least favorite item?


22: Enjoy no items, Final Destination, Fox only?

Sure. Sounds like a day care on the east side of Detroit.

23: Play with or without items?

Depends on the mood. But mostly without.

24: Favorite Kirby hat?

Sheik. That wrapped up kirby with the hair lol. But for the most effective it would be Bowser.

25: Favorite series in any of the games?

Melee. But I would take Brawl Minus for an unofficial version.



wtf is morning wood 


Thank you that’s exactly what I thought 

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My Eyes Couldn't Roll Hard Enough

  • Him: Happy Friday !
  • Me: Happy friday!
  • Him: How are
  • Me: I'm doing fine. how are you?
  • Him: Im well !
  • Me: I'm glad. Any plans for the weekend?
  • Him: Well im thinkin bout having sex for the first time..
  • Me: Let me know if you're serious first. Before I look like an idiot giving you advice.
  • Him: lol... i think i
  • Me: Ok. Well.. This person that you are thinking about having sex with. How long have you known them?
  • Him: 5 years
  • Me: Ok. What would you want to do with this person? What part do you want to play in this act of gratitude?
  • Him: Lol... u are too funny
  • Him: Im not having no sex..
  • Me: Oh ok
  • Him: I wish i could at
  • Me: I bet